revi meicler


Revi Meicler was born in Israel and grew up in France and the United States. 
Impermanence was a concept that was introduced at an early age.  Relocations and immersions into various cultures enforced the awareness that we live in a state of constant flux where things are ever changing, moving, beginning and ending; where impermanence is the only constant.

Her current work seeks to capture the  energy  that allows for renewal in nature. The organic images float in a state of transition with a transparent quality that provides a window into abstraction.  The mark making is driven by the transformative energy genetically imprinted on her as a descendent of many generations of immigrants and refugees; people who experienced the whirlwind feeling of displacement and responded by adapting.   

"I am rooted but I flow"
              Virginia Wolf

Meicler studied painting at the University of Houston and the Glassel School of Art in Houston, Texas.  Her work is in many private collections.
She currently lives and works in Austin, Texas.

Solo Exhibitions
2018  Wally Workman Gallery, Austin, TX

Group Exhibitions
2018   People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX             
2017   EAST (the East Austin Studio Tour), Austin, TX
          Print Austin, Austin, TX
2016   People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin, TX
          Davis Gallery, Austin, TX
2015   Metropolitan Gallery, Austin, TX 
          ArtHop 2015, Georgetown, TX
          Gallery at the J, Austin, TX
2014   Photo LA, AFTA featuring photo use in mixed media, Los Angeles, CA 
          People's Gallery, Austin City Hall, Austin,TX
          Davis Gallery, Austin, TX